Tuesday, May 25, 2010

LOSTies with Jed & Cara : Episode 70 Keys to LOSTies FINALE PARTY!

Welcome to the penultimate episode of LOSTies with Jed & Cara - this is our Keys to LOSTies FINALE PARTY footage! Join us as we travel to St. Louis, party it up with Matt and Leslie of Keys to LOST, and give our initial thoughts on "The End."

LOST 6.17 "The End" : A+ (Jed) A+ (Cara) A (Matt) A+ (Leslie)

"No Surprises" - Regina Spektor (originally by Radiohead)
"Beat City" - The Flowermen
"St. Louis Blues" - Etta James
"I'm a Believer" - Weezer

For download: M4V


  1. So great to have you both here this last weekend! Nice vid! You two are both awesome!


  2. can you provide a full list of the songs please?

  3. My bad - Ms. Etta James has been added.

  4. What was playing during the sit sections with BDD?

  5. Great video...so sad LOST is over...

  6. The song playing with Big Daddy was from the S3 soundtrack - disc 1. "Shambala" - Giacchino's arrangement that dovetailed in from the Three Dog Night song from the ep "Tricia Tanaka is Dead"