Wednesday, May 5, 2010

LOSTies with Jed & Cara : Episode 64 "The Candidate" Initial Reaction

LOST returns from its week off with a batch of on screen deaths for the LOSTies to deal with.  Thankfully, Matt from Keys to LOST has stopped by to share his initial reaction thoughts with Jed and Cara about "The Candidate."  

LOST 6.14 "The Candidate" : A- (Jed) B+ (Cara) A- (Matt)

"Are You Sure" - Willie Nelson

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  1. Eating lunch and watching... thanks for making look at least not like a complete idiot. :) You guys rock! Thanks so much for having me and great thoughts all around! See in 3 weeks in "the Lou"!

  2. I agree, I didn't cry but I like the death scene. I think it meant less than it should because they are both alive in the flash-sideways. To me the more emotional scene was with Hurley, Kate, & Jack crying. Jack let it out. I feel sorry for MIB, because Jack and the rest of the Candidates are gonna be pissed. Once again Jack's the MAN! Keep up the good work Jed, Cara, & Matt!

  3. Thanks to your PSA last episode I laughed several times during The Candidate thinking about the perils of gun cocking.

    Off island, I really enjoyed the role reversal between Jack and Locke. Now that we know Locke can fly a plane albeit poorly does this mean that MIB will captain Ajira off the island? Maybe not.

  4. Jed - so harsh on the death scene? What's up with that. Your future daughter (yep, I'm calling it) would not approve of your lack of heart.

  5. I agree with "K". Why so harsh on the death scenes? I thought the Sun & Jin moment was sad and beautiful and it made me cry. I didn't see anything wrong with the way they handled Sayid's death. It was sudden and shocking. If they spent a lot of time on how, when, why he changed heart, we would have seen it coming a mile away. And, there is, after all, very, limited time left for story-telling.

    Oh and by the way, I don't believe Frank is dead. If he were dead, the writers were have had Hurley, Kate, and Jack mention him as well. Plus he's never mentioned in any of the interviews the writers and actors have given on the topic of the deaths.

  6. Keys to Lost - thanks for coming on. I am happy we did not have to blow you up.

    Michael - Love the Jack love! I can't wait to see him hunt Locke down!

    Max Headroom - During the ep I actually called out "Those damn gun cocks!" No one laughed. Not sure about MIB flying a plane - loved the role reversal too.

    K - Let the mud sling. Yeah, we all three were not very emotional about the deaths. I will admit this -I stand by my frustration about Sayid's story and Jin and Sun's lack of story - but after watching the sequence a second time... I got very choked up.

    I can't believe you just called out our kid as a girl. If that is true - she better love watching LOST with daddy.

    Sandra - To address the harshness again - we are podcasters - we pick the show completely apart. That is why I love our grading scale. I might whine and complain about little tiny details - yet I still give it an A-! I love this show - there is no doubting that.

    Hows this - I guess I was just hoping for a 1) completely different death than Charlie's and 2) some little moment that was completely original and would break my heart. The hands in the water was close... but the idea of hands slipping apart as the last image of Jin and Sun - it felt more like a sadistic addendum on the character's continual story of being apart - rather than a beautiful closing of the characters.

    But like I said before... 2nd time - definitely fought off some tears.

    Thanks for all the comments peeps!!


  7. Had a crazy insane hectic week so just got my vidmail to you a while back as you know I was experiencing technical difficulties. Short vidmail too this week. I gave the 'The Candidate' and A- as well.
    Going to look into to trying to get to the shin dig for the finale, but it is doubtful.

  8. This vidcast would be so much better if you'd just loose the dork on the left!