Wednesday, May 12, 2010

LOSTies with Jed & Cara : Episode 67 "Across the Sea" Initial Reaction

LOST fires an insanely dense and mythologically laced episode and the LOSTies scratch their heads and give their initial thoughts. "Across the Sea" was the most independent and different episode ever - watch as Jed & Cara attempt to struggle to keep from just talking about He-Man.

LOST 6.15 "Across the Sea" : B (Jed) A (Cara)

"Achy Breaky Heart" - Billy Ray Cyrus
"Sleepyhead" - Passion Pit

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  1. Jed-Cara, You've got to be kidding me. This ep killed the series for me. I've from day one joked about how the creators where making things up as they went along. Thought the had the basic story, but from ep to ep they make stuff up to entertain us. Last night they proved it was true. From "Questions bring more questions" to Jacob drinking the coolaid. They wrote story lines to keep us wanting more. To find out how all this is gonna end. I don't believe they thought the show would make it to the end so why come up with a ending...

    Thomas F.

  2. Jed-Cara, You've got to be kidding me. Why is there no "and" in your blogspot URL????? Will the questions never end? WHY?!?!?

  3. I completely agree with Thomas here. This is basically the nail in the coffin for me. The more I breakdown the ep in my head, the less sense it makes. They had no idea what they were doing with this show. The End. I'm so disappointed in this show. It could have been a breakthrough classic, but now it's more of a waste of time; a big fat FLOP.

  4. Seriously, 40 years old and STILL lives with mom?! C'mon Jacob!

  5. Thomas - Wow, I expected an angry comment and figured I would see "you've got to be kidding me" from someone... but I am shocked that we are being called out for liking the ep! Wow!!

    K - Listen you "K" - If I have to come over there and make you stop using "?"'s I will freaking do it! There is no "and" because I am special!

    Brock - Dude, you have the coolest name. I always wanted to be a Brock. Anyway, I am nowhere near saying the term FLOP when discussing LOST. My frustration is just with this ep - as the answers marinate in my head, I like them more. The way it was done... that's a discussion to be had.

    Don=W= - Is the "W" thing supposed to be like Weezer? If so, that is freaking cool... and, I am still laughing at your comment. Jacob's character turned out faaaaar different than I expected. Norman Bates without the dress and wig. Well, as far as we know at least.


  6. What are you guys talking about?!!!! This ep rocked!!!!!!! (like a keyboard player would know what rocks).....

    Seriously - I think Jed's on to something here - I've not had near as much problem with the actual answers as I have had with their delivery and set up. I supsect (though not any of you) there's a whole large group of fans out there who are mad simply because they looked at things, made theories, and are finding out they are wrong. That's all well and good - but my problem is that I'm not getting any kind of true 'feeling' from these answers - and unlike the exodus moment between Jack and Sawyer - I'm finding myself caring less about characters because the dialouge or continuity is off - I'm being robbed of moments that I should be screaming for joy or sobbing, by the fact that I half to use the otherside of my brain instead - that is where LOST is failing me this season.

  7. I'm with Cara, I've never seen "The Hunt For Red October." I'm also with Cara, that Jacob live his whole life with only his mom and brother, so why wouldn't he stay with his mom when his brother leaved. But I'm with both of you guys with the rating of this episode, I loved the episode but I see why others didn't. When I realized that this was kinda of a origin story, I was hoping for how it all started. Who started this lineage of protector of the island, because the mom said she came on the island too. Keep up the good work on the few vid-casts left.

  8. Jed-Cara,
    Love yalls show. It was yall that got me hooked on listening to Lost Podcasts, but come on, this ep was so bad, in so many ways, it's funny. The writers are looking at us and laughing their asses off. Big salute to them :) Got me :)
    Let's see, how many things could have only been the writers laughing at us: How about Jacob's bro deciding that after digging a hole, removing a rock that reveals the light/water, figures that (MacGuyver style) hooking a big wood wheel to the water/light would in end, create a time travel/teleporter thingy that would get him off the island. HAHA!
    Or how about the Adam/Eve bodies. How long have they been laying there. Their death would have had to happen and long LONG LLOOONNNGGG time before our gang got there. How did the bodies, exposed like they where make it that long. If the island peserved them, I'd expect to see long dead bodies everywhere. They looked to be in the same condition that the Darma ground that Ben killed some 20 years (maybe) earlier.
    I think it's all funny at this point.