Monday, April 19, 2010

LOSTies with Jed & Cara : Episode 60 Everybody Loves Painting

It's the weekend edition of LOSTies with Jed & Cara and we are wrapping up the work on our house by painting the newly remodeled porch. We are also talking some LOST! Join us as we go through a brilliant batch of vidmail and enjoy some truly creative videos from fellow LOST fans.

"(Oh) Pretty Woman" - Roy Orbison
"Generator (Second Floor)" - Freelance Whales
"You Dropped a Bomb on Me" - The Gap Band
"Boom Boom" - John Lee Hooker
"When You Wish Upon a Star" - Cliff Edwards
"Overburdened" - Disturbed
"Metric" -Gimme Sympathy
"Whispers in the Dark" - Bing Crosby
"Whispers" - Seed
"Just Say Yes" - Snow Patrol

For download: M4V


  1. Oh you know I jest about you being a pessimist! :0)

    There truly are some great vidmails coming through! I wish I had more time to try to begin doing some editing. Maybe after I get moved in two weeks I can, and I should get it down about the time LOST ends...HAHA

  2. Best part of this ep, "Spinning with Lilly"!! Ha Ha! She never took her eyes off of you. That was awesome.

  3. On a more serious note, what had upset me most about Libby's death was that I was becoming convinced she was an other, due to some of her strange looks when talking to Hurley a couple times. I wanted to see more of that story. However, I am loving the direction they have taken with the Hurley/Libby love story, instead. Makes her death that much more heart-breaking. :(

  4. ImNoBetterThanU - don't stress the editing, we dig your simple and well stated vidmails!

    LostFan815K - I actually never thought Libby was an other - but that may be because I like Watros so much. I was sad to see her get killed because I thought it had to do with her DUI in Hawaii (her and Rodriguez were arrested). So glad she returned and her character was given a proper story!


  5. Jed, did you really believe all that DUI silliness? I didn't. The episode where Libby and Anna Lucia were killed off were probably practically in the can by the time the actresses got their DUIs. Not to mention Rodriguez never did want to be long-term.