Wednesday, April 7, 2010

LOSTies with Jed & Cara : Episode 57 "Happily Ever After" Initial Reaction

"All you need is LOVE!" And all we need is a Desmond episode to rev us back up into the stratosphere.  "Happily Ever After"  was another milestone episode for LOST and the LOSTies are pretty darn happy in their initial reaction.  Join the fun.

LOST 6.11 "Happily Ever After" : A (Jed) B+ (Cara)

"All You Need is Love" - the Beatles
"All You Need is Love" - Vitamin String Quartet

For download: M4V


  1. Hey guys - great fun. Just on the Oceanic logo. It's in the style of an Aboriginal (Native Australian) Dot painting (albeit with a skewed colour palette).
    It is a pretty standard image and I'm fairly sure it's a Sun. Whilst it's definitely aboriginal, don't take my word for it on it not being an eye, it might be a good thing to research.
    Cheers from down under.

  2. Jed: Maybe the display on the MRI machine is a callback to the countdown timer in the hatch. I don't see any correlation between the display numbers and the important LOST numbers.