Wednesday, March 17, 2010

LOSTies with Jed & Cara : Episode 50 "Recon" Initial Reaction

TThe LOSTies just finished being grilled by Detective Jimmy Ford about the Sawyer case and are looking for a mirror to punch!  Jed and Cara are unsure if S6's eighth episode was a fine addition to the final season - watch as they discuss their initial reactions to the Sawyer-centric ep, "Recon"

LOST 6.8 "Recon" : B- (Jed) B (Cara)

"Bang Bang" - Mina
"Bang Bang" - Nancy Sinatra

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  1. How could the people that thought Dr. Linus was the best episode ever think that this episode was boring! WOW

  2. Not boring - we just felt the flash sideways did not offer an intriguing story or a poignant resolution.

    On top of that, we were not bowled over by the on island tale of Sawyer meeting Widmore.

    The Kate/Locke scenes nailed it though!

    You should add an exclamation to "WOW" - it makes it far more effective.


  3. I prefer smileys. :) and lols.

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  5. Hi guys I like your show-but I think you were a little tough on this episode. It obvious this isn't finished with the story of Sawyer OR Kate. I see "Recon" and "What Kate Did" as two acts of a three act play-and in the third act both will have major decisions to make and it will effect the outcome. Anyway just started watching you vids and I like them very much. Peace!

  6. FlyOceanicNotAjira - we pretty much agree with you but did not want a 3 act play at this point. Regardless, we have high hopes for the rest of the season.

    Thanks for the compliement on our vids!!