Wednesday, March 31, 2010

(FIX) LOSTies with Jed & Cara : Episode 54 "The Package" Initial Reaction

*WARNING* Jed and Cara did not have a positive view of the Jin & Sun centric "The Package." As a matter of fact, the words "lame" and "worst of the year" are tossed around throughout our initial reaction. Watch at your own risk. Oh, and Sun takes her top off - ya know, for the masses!

LOST 6.10 "The Package" : C (Jed) C (Cara)

"We're All to Blame" - Sum 41
"I Wanna Sex You Up" - Color Me Bad

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  1. My favorite part of this episode now actually comes via your interpretation. Your musical enhancement of the unbutton scene made it ten times better than it was last night! ;)

    Actually I gave this ep a low B (8 out of 10). I think the Jin infertility/but now Sun is pregnant thing was interesting, because I think that if Jin and Sun have been together without (or actually with as we learn) there is no other man in her life - thus the island made his infertility happen.

    I also like having Zoe around - I think her scientific quest (as the way she is asking Jin questions) will be a possible sidebar for some other answers (like Faraday in S4). The scene of Jin looking at the pictures of Ji Yeon was touching. I hadn't really put 2 and 2 together on the room 23 , but with the video obviously referring to Jacob - this means that is a standard (probably Ben authorized) others brain washing technique (The D I wouldn't have a video about Jacob) - so I thought that was cool.

    "Cease to be" - that is the key line of the ep without a doubt - I think you are right that it may mean that X timeline is a result of MIB leaving - but it still serves the purpose of showing the characters for who they truly are at their core as well.

    Another thought about Locke's speech to Claire - he needs the candidates to leave with him because the only way he can leave is if there is no one left to replace Jacob - but it would seem he can't just kill the candidates either. Hence the boy's "You can't kill them" from the Substitute.

    K- that's all I got. Understand your frustration but I guess I just enjoyed the ep a little more than you (not much - but a little)


  2. Lol, why isn't Color Me Bad on your playlist???

  3. I liked the episode, I rate it above "What Kate Does" and "Recon". "What Kate Does" is the worst for me. I think Jack said that he will help Sun & Jin get off the island not him.

  4. Just listed to Donald's latest. Ouch, Jed. I at least had the advantage of seeing that it was 4/1 when it was posted, so I knew it would be an April Fool's jok.

  5. Matt - great notes. Quick comments:

    The Sun prego confuses me - is the point like you said (Island caused Jin infertility) or is Sun cheating? This answer would have said more in this ep than what did occur.

    Zoe - yeah, at this point I am not sure how beneficial that will be. She can answer some questions... but she seems more like fodder for smokie.

    Cease to be was the line of the ep - if indeed the FS shows life with MIB freed - then what do we make of that world?

    This whole candidate thing and who smokie can and can't kill is confusing - Eko was not a candidate? He felt very important!!

    Thanks Matt

    Don - added the tune - thanks man.

    Michael - concur that Jack ain't leaving.

    Ryan - no comment.