Wednesday, March 3, 2010

LOSTies with Jed & Cara : Episode 45 "Sundown" Initial Reaction

Sayid has turned to the dark side and the LOSTies are a little freaked out about it. In this episode, join Jed and Cara as they do an initial reaction to the dark and creepy 6th episode of Season 6, "Sundown."  Thankfully, Scotty6 and Jake6 are here to bring some light into these dark times.

LOST 6.6 "Sundown" : B+ (Jed) B (Cara)

"Am I Evil" - Metallica

For download: M4V


  1. I still think Claire is dead. The 'confusion' was a direct description of the illness. My thought is that the illness does occur when someone is 'ressurected' - the darkness within them starts to grow - it is fully activated by the sound of MIB's voice - the confusion is the carrot that MIB places infront of each person activated (for Claire it is Aaron for Sayid it is Nadia)- this focus towards that which a person most wants is what allows MIB to make suggestions that they will choose to follow (the influence of an angry man).

  2. So MIB is like a hypnotist - his voice sets off the obedience! I can dig it.

  3. Just found your site. Very cool. Listened to several podcasts today and liked your account very much. Yall are the only ones, so far, that put together that in the end, in any FLASH that at his heart, Sayid would still kill. Nice guy, but dark in the end. Keep up the good world. I'm bookmarking yall site. Thanks!!! :)