Thursday, January 29, 2009

TV REVIEW: LOST 5.03 "Jughead"

I was a little worried after about 15 minutes of "Jughead" - but things became very very cool. The ep could be called a Desmond centric story, Des was off to Great Britain to find Daniel Farraday's mother at Oxford. Of course, there was no record of Farraday, but his stuff was still left in his office (this was a bad scene... bad writing!). This led him to a time-traveling woman who had worked with Farraday and who was living on life support with funding by... WIDMORE!

None to shocking.

Penny had a baby... blurg. The baby's name was Charlie, which I thought was a great reference to the man who brought them together - our drowned guitar hero... but then Cara said "Isn't her Dad named Charles?" Hmmmm. Des met with Widmore... meh. He made plans with Pen to head to L.A. - ok ok.

This real shiz was Jughead itself! Holy crap it is a Hydrogen-Bomb... dangling on some rope!?!??! When the bomb was revealed the ep finally started to kick into gear. Here is a little theory coming from someone who has watched too many TV/Movies... that bomb will be essential to the dramatic ending of the show.

EXT: H-Bomb Jughead is sitting on the ground in the rain. Jack hovers over it with a gun - Ben stands in front of him and Locke floats above the ground in spiritual form.

BEN/LOCKE: "Jack, don't do it."

JACK, in a breathy huff - sarcastically: "All roads lead here."

Jack shoots and the island explodes. THE END

More coolness came with Locke talking with Richard Alpert (who is delivering the most kick ass lines of the show... "Not that I want to contradict myself...") about searching him out in 1956. We sorta knew this scene was coming, but it was a blast!!

A juicy nugget was this little dish who marched Farraday off to the bomb. She was british, unsure of Farraday... and more importantly, recognizable to Farraday! Methinks this is a young Ms. Hawking - Dan's mom!

And that would make this man Dan's pop! WIDMORE!!! Holy crap! This was the reveal of the ep. I loved it. Man, Locke should have hauled off and slugged this guy - or done a Sawyer bitch slap!

Little Mr. Widmore used to work with Alpert - he was on the island in 1954... whoa.

Uber cool kids... LOST is a rocking!

LOST 5.03 "Jughead" : A-

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