Thursday, February 5, 2009

TV REVIEW : LOST 5.04 "The Little Prince"

"The Little Prince" did some good stuff and some really annoying stuff. The opening showed Kate holding Aaron, the night before Jack asks everyone to lie. Kate is pitching the idea that they say Aaron is her child. The scene was flat from the start - unnecessary for the story (we had already assumed something like this went down and we made the leap with the show... why shoot the scene?) and really not very well done on the show.

I get that the scene was to point to the direction of the episode (Kate might lose Aaron) but really, it did not work.

Actually, a fair amount didn't in this episode. Specifically, the writers have gotten very lazy. I am tired of scenes of "What did you just see?" "Nothing" "Why are we doing this?" "That's not important right now." These bits are used to stall until the proper scene starts up. The story is good, but the execution of dialogue is weak.

I do understand that the show has often sacrificed REAL dialogue for story driven time wasting... but it is badly on display here. Let's move on to what I did like.

One little surprise was seeing Claire's mother in L.A. and then finding out it was Ben who was trying to take Aaron. It was nice that I was wrong.

Another moment was one for Locke - his explanation of why he needed to endure the pain of his mistakes - that was worthwhile dialogue... and it made his realization of that all the more important.

The converse was the scene of Sawyer watching the birth of Aaron and seeing Kate - that did not work for me at all.

The biggest winning moments came with two major reveals: Hey there is Jin!!!

I am really glad Jin is alive and back on the show. I thought we might not get this solved until the end of the season - seeing it now surprised and thrilled me.

The other great moment had to do with Jin's rescuers...

Danielle Rousseau and her French gang!!!

I am very excited to see her story.

Overall, the island scenes still moved the episode along well. Methinks the boat and Ajera Airlines water bottle belong to the Oceanic 6 (even though they were chasing our Losties and shooting at them) and that our gang was in the future at that moment.

The O6 should be back on the island soon enough (just gotta go through some Sun drama and a Hurley break out ep). Still a good episode - just clean up some dialogue and get the O6 moving!

LOST 5.04 "The Little Prince" : B


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