Monday, January 26, 2009

TV REVIEW: LOST 5.01 "Because You Left"

This has been a great hiatus from LOST! I got Cara addicted to the show, started listening to some really good LOST podcasts... and nobody has gone on strike (knock on wood)!!

Last Wednesday brought a great Hawkeye victory over the Wisconsin Badgers and also the first episode of Season 5 of LOST. Cara and I got home around 12:30 from Iowa City and I was forced to watch the two hours of LOST waaaay past my bedtime.

Things got off to a rocking start with an alarm clock going off at 8:15 - waking a baby and a rather annoyed father named Edgar Halliwax... or Marvin Candle... or Peter Chang! Doesn't matter.

I was a little bummed that I knew who it was right off the bat. The comic-con video that the producers showed kind of led me to believe that Chang would be a part of this season - and that Daniel Farraday would end up spending time with Dharma. None of this is a problem though, I loved the hell out of the opening.

Off island, the Oceanic Six are all split up and unhappy with one another. Ben is attempting to get the group together (Sun is not playing nice at all - talking with Charles Widmore... saying she wants to kill Ben!).

On island, the losties are time traveling around - skipping like a record between timelines. This is a very big leap for the show, going completely sci-fi on us. I can dig it. Mostly... the bit where Daniel speaks with Desmond giving him marching orders... saying it all works because he is special... kind of a stretch. Oh well, still fun.

The most fun of "Because You Left" had to be when Ethan shot Locke - just seeing Ethan again was exciting and it really surprised me to see him come stomping out of the jungle. Locke tells him Ben declared him the leader of the Others... and Ethan wasn't hearing any of that. Then the jump to Richard arriving to let Locke know that he is going to have to die... oh, it all started with the Nigerian plane crashing!! This show is so cool.

Hour 1 flew by so quick I barely realized what had happened. The episode structure is completely all over the place (just as Damon and Carlton said it would be) and that might be a little tough to handle at first... but the pace is moving!

Thank crap that LOST is back!!

LOST 5.01 "Because You Left" : A-


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