Tuesday, January 27, 2009

TV REVIEW: LOST 5.02 "The Lie"

Last season we started off things with a Hurley centric episode, "Beginning of the End," that found our large friend running from the police in his beloved Camaro. The second ep of season 5 again went to Hurley to lead the way (episode 1 was all over and so is this ep, but the title and a lot of the show lean towards Hurley... so maybe we can bank on that).

We start off with Hurley trying to deal with the action packed surroundings of Sayid's crazy safe house. Three dead guys, a drugged out Sayid, and one killer Shit-zu t-shirt later... and we find Hurley being pulled over by a cop.

I am not sure how I knew this... I suppose it was because Hurley does see dead people and that Ana-Lucia was the only cop on the show (discounting an unlikely Nathan Fillion cameo)... but the second I saw the reflection I knew it was her... and I loved it!! Ana was always stuck being such a downer, but with a little tweak of her character (come on Ana, life ain't that bad) and all of the sudden she is cracking me up! This little bit was the highlight of the show. Well done.

Challenging the Ana cameo for best part of "The Lie" is the story itself. I was dying watching Hurley and his family deal with the incapacitated Sayid. His mother's line "Why is there a dead Pakistani on my sofa?" just slayed me.

Yet, the top prize almost went to Neil Froggurt and his unsightly demise. Froggurt was a character mentioned in Season 2, but was fleshed out in the Webisodes preceeding last season. Again, the show had me giggling.

The on-island story is obviously going to be what makes all of us LOST fans drool. The strange army attacking the losties... I think we lost a few log carrying red shirts... I kind of thought these guys were Black Rock pirates - but the three soldiers at the end through that off... maybe it is a young Charles Widmore!


There were a few hiccups... Jack is still not doing much yet. Sun is creeping me out - Kate's story is moving slow... Hurley getting arrested at the end is merely a staller to keep things happening off island (though a humorous prison break should be a joy). The nugget with the arrival of Ms. Hawking at the end was worth the wait. All the bits with the chalkboard... the pendulum... the old (Swan-esque) computer... it all kind of leads to finding out where the island is... and when.

Things are starting off very nicely!

LOST 5.02 "The Lie" : A-


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