Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LOSTies with Jed & Cara : Episode 39 "What Kate Does" Initial Reaction

Last night's episode of LOST left Cara a little cold, but did Jed feel the same? The LOSTies trumpet the return of ALDO!! to the series, sing their praises of Josh Holloway and ask the simple question, "Are you tired of winter yet?" This is a short video initial reaction to S6 Ep 2, "What Kate Does."

For download: M4V

LOST 6.3 "What Kate Does" : B (Jed) B (Cara)



  1. Hi Jed & Cara.....dont worry bout the mike, it didnt matter cause u make the best video podcasts anywhere. I loved this epi mainly cause i like Kate and any of her centric epi's. But i have to agree they showed her too be much of a B. I like all these old characters coming back and the "Midnight Cowboy" line was just awesome.

    This is gonna be a strange and wierd season with twists and turns in every epi. Looking forward for ur weekend recap with a working mike, lol :-)

  2. Ooh, I really felt for you with the mic issues. You made a great recovery in post and we will have to imagine Cara's initial thoughts but have a clue to her reaction to the mic problem.

    I knew this was a Kate centric episode and not being a Kate fan this barely lived up to my already low expectation. The island events are really intriguing leaving us with some answers/answers...the sickness, claimed, and Claire. I wouldn't want Dogan to be my doctor but it was eerily similar to Rousseau's first meeting with Sayid. How many guys do you think it took to get Sayid into those restraints?

    I'm having a hard time with the pacing off island along with character development. It was interesting to see 10/22/2004 on the ultrasound Dr. Ethan Goodspeed took of Aaron. Our heroes are on an Oceanic flight but we've had no mention of 815 specifically. The writers will no doubt blow our minds in each storyline.

    See you at the food court

  3. davybaby712 - Thanks for the TLC about the mic and the compliment about our show! The more I chew on the episode, the more I like it. I bet it is going to be that way with all the S6 eps.

    Kate is a struggle. Everyone seems to hate her and we may have jumped on that band wagon too easily (though, I feel we have been very patient and willing to over look some very bad plot choices for her).

    Mic should be up for weekend ep - now I just have to take bets on what is going to try to throw me off next!

  4. Max Headroom - "have a clue to her reaction to the mic problem" HAHAHA That says loads my friend!!

    As you pointed out it is strange to deal with the pacing of the shows with on and off island. Little pieces of information are solidifying when this parallel timeline is occuring... but it does not make it any less odd.

    Again, I had high hopes for Kate and her redemption. This episode did not meet those hopes... but the show is still kicking butt in so many other ways!

    I hope Claire is not really infected... or maybe the infection is not all bad?