Sunday, May 17, 2009

LOSTies with Jed & Cara : Episode 19 "The Incident"

Season 5 of LOST has ended and here is the end of Season 1 of LOSTies.  Join Jed & Cara as they gather and watch the finale with friends, head to Kansas City to party it up, and go through another full bag of vidmail!

Porkchop's LOST blog article is here.

M4V File

LOST 5.17 "The Incident" : A (Jed) A (Cara)



  1. Hello Jed, Hello Cara, Hello Lily!

    It has really been a fun and warm ride with you and your friends, contributors.

    Thank you for all efforts you put in this podcast, it is truly appreciated.

  2. Awesome episode as usual! It took me a little while to sit down and watch this "last" episode as I now have to come to terms with no LOST until next year. I expect some great off season episodes to keep me entertained!