Tuesday, May 12, 2009

LOSTies with Jed & Cara : Episode 18 I Deserve the Hugo Cup!

The LOSTies are here with a special edition of the show.  Jed has put his name in the ring for the glorious HUGO CUP!!!  He submitted a video to Jay and Jack's Vidcast and it was shown... and loved?  Join the LOSTies as they watch Jed's video, talk about the post Finale plans and deliver a show under 10 minutes.  Who knew?

Head over to Jacob's Cabin to read about the show we are going to be on after the finale! Or just go here to get in the chat room... or call in!

The Live Initial Reaction show starts at 11:15 EST - that is 10:15 CST!!



  1. Jed! You do deserve the Hugo Cup! :o)

  2. I made a comment on nudia.tv about this video.....more specifically about the scene pictured here.

    Absolutely KILLS me when I see that scene. Totally reminds me of when I watch LOST with my girlfiend.

    Also...your submission to nudia.tv for the Hugo cup has at the very least gotten you some more/new subscribers and fans.

    Great work! Thanks!


  3. Thanks Gul and Jason! Jason, I got to admit, I know there is no chance I can win and really, I was hoping people might see how "fun" we are and might watch us too.

    I actually copied your comment from nudia and sent it to my wife. I told her it's the reason we do what we do.

    Thanks brutha!