Sunday, May 3, 2009

LOSTies with Jed & Cara : Episode 15 "The Variable" Part 2

What does Daniel Farraday, gerber daises and "Hardcastle & McCormick" have to do with LOST? Not much... but the LOSTies find a way to combine them all in another action packed episode. Join us as the LOSTies ponder Farraday's "death," Jed plays dress up, and we go through a slew of vidmail!


  1. Hi Jed and Cara. I love the podcast and I love the videolog of central Iowa. I didn't even know about the farmer's market until you showed it.

    It's a great podcast and eagerly look forward to every episode.

    --Ryan from Ames

  2. The farmer's market is really fun, especially when it is as nice as it was. Skip breakfast and come on down for a few hours. Music, food, and loads of interesting booths. (the market is open 7-noon on Saturday down on court in Des Moines)

    Thanks for watching the show - send us a vidmail if you are able!!


  3. I don't have a camera now. Probably by Season 6. Let me give you something now before we leave the 70s:

    An academic view of LOST: As a mathematician, I find the view of academic disciplines very enlightening.

    The economist is a homocidal technophobe.

    The surgeon is working as a janitor.

    The anthropologist served almost no useful purpose and was killed off.

    Even the physicist: The physicist spent the whole time telling us we wouldn't understand what he was doing and then he died before he could tell us what he was doing.

    On top of that, he was so stupid that he waived a gun around until someone shot him in the back.

    And the mathematician is in charge.

    What does that tell you?

  4. Loved the dress-up tribute to (possibly) dead Daniel. Also liked the footage of the Des Moines metro... although I may have to stock up on the Dramamine next time... I'm one of those sissies that can't handle any camera bouncing! ;o)

  5. Momma - you are the first person to compliment me on my dress up of Farraday - I thought I was the spitting image!!

    Camera shakes are where its at.... I wish.

  6. Wow thanks for showing my blog! I feel famous.