Tuesday, November 10, 2009

LOSTies with Jed & Cara : Episode 31 Top 5 Moments of Season 5 Part 2

It's the moment you have all been waiting for - the final Top 5 Moments!Matt and Leslie of Keys to LOST join the LOSTIES and go over their final moments of Season 5. Watch out for some truly special moments slippped into the show. It's official, I am never using the term "moments" again.


  1. Jed and Cara! Thanks again so much for having us on your show - we had an absolute blast! Jed so nice to meet you in person and talk LOST - hope your project in Saint Louis went well! Cara - you get my ULTIMATE favorite LOSTies with Jed and Cara moment. I LOVED your portrayal of the Man In Black - you were totally awesome Cara! You guys rock my world! Please keep making shows (shorter of course than ones with ramblers such as myself)! We Lostaholics NEED you both! Thanks again! Looking forward to the throwdown!

  2. Matt - YOU ROCK!

    Thanks man!!

    Cara was uber creepy as the man in black - I got chills.