Wednesday, July 29, 2009

LOSTies with Jed & Cara : Episode 26 Comic Con 2009

Comic Con 2009 flew by us this weekend and sadly, the LOSTies could not make it out to San Diego. But that does not stop them from pouring over all of the delicious LOST materials and panel fun that was had! Tag along as Jed and Cara discuss their favorite moments from the LOST panel - look deeper into the various fascinating video clips that Damon and Carlton brought along... and stick around for some vidmail and some major SUPRSPNDX Schooling!


  1. awesome new episode, one this i noteds was no was where claire was or if she was ok in season 5, the one question with claire in it was did jacob come to people in diffrent forms. Rewatching season 2 right now and reading Catch 22 liking it so far, Hows your BSG watch going? I can't wait for the new mimi movie coming out in october. Jed you have a 360 or a wii? I saw you playing rockband awesome game i have over 100 downloaded I want to be freinds on 360 if you have a gamertag, mine is SUNLOC, and will you fellow me on twitter so can we convo on lost and other thing, on there is thanks all.

  2. Awesome comment Sonny - Claire was not on the "death montage" and it was assured that she will be in Season 6. The Question about Jacob showing up in different forms - and the answer of "no" - might end up being the largest piece of info from the whole panel!!!

    I had a thought that Jacob was the white shoed Christian - and the Man in Black was the rugged clothing Christian. This apparently is not so.

    I am in the middle of Season 2 - I just watched "The Hunting Party" last night... and now I must trudge through the worst ep of LOST ever... "Fire and Ice!"


  3. BSG - we are in Season 3 - happy and sad about a few things. It is a great show, but I think I have been spoiled with LOST!

  4. On lost i just watch one of them very good episode, not the best flashback but all on Island stuff is great, I watched BSG from the beginning, I had great time I saw razor the first mimi movie in a theater it was so awesome,