Sunday, June 14, 2009

LOSTies with Jed & Cara : Episode 21 VACATION! Day 1

We have just gotten into the Hiatus and the LOSTies are heading out on a vacation to South Carolina!  Join Jed & Cara as they meet up with the family, spend some well earned time on the beach, get their minds blown at Medieval Times... and attempt to entertain you while also taking some time off.  It's quite the balancing act!  Check it out.


  1. That's a well-deserved vacation! Enjoy!

  2. hey! where is Lily?

  3. Gul - thanks for checking out Day 1 of our trip. Lilly stayed with Cara's parents - who have 3 other cats.

    She spent most of the week slowly emerging from the room to join the other cats!

  4. Very nice!! The house looks very much like Myrtle Beach, or did you stay in the Charleston area?

    Great job,