Sunday, April 19, 2009

LOSTies with Jed & Cara : Episode 12 "Some Like It Hoth Part 2"

The Monday-morning LOSTies is here!  In this episode we run with the Star Wars theme that Hurley introduced to us last week and make Cara take a quiz to test her Star Wars knowledge!  We also read and watch some viewer mail and that pesky Lilly makes an appearance.  *note - the episode begins with the same ad from last week. Also, the opening STAR WARS animation was created using a program that I found here

M4V File


  1. Hi Jed! Hi Cara!

    Thanks for mentioning my mail. I enjoyed this weeks vidCast a lot!

    I love the intro and the DIY projects you were on!

    Keep up good work!


  2. Another great episode. I like Lilly centric episodes. I liked the first 3 Star Wars episodes, they were the star wars for our generation, I guess it would depend on which ones you saw first. I didn't see the original ones until after the new ones.

  3. Donald... whoa. You are saying that you enjoy episodes 1-3 more than 4-6 (and I am a little nauseous calling them that)?

    I feel like my cerebellum just seized.

    Gul - I hope I came kind of close to saying your name correctly... sorta kinda. Probably not.

  4. @Donald - "I like Lilly centric episodes." Agreed! ;-) - Sorry Jed!

    @Jed & Cara - You did great with pronunciation. I appreciated your thoughtfulness in asking for it :-)